Resources for an anti-racist journey

Resources for an anti-racist journey

In this month’s blog, I’m sharing resources that are meant for folks who are ready to push into their growing edge and challenge some long held world views. It can be disconcerting but I know that I am growng tremendously as a human being from the challenge and I hope that you will too. In the end no one wins while racism still exists in the world.

During my first PISAB Undoing Racism Workshop ,I sat in a room with 11 of my colleagues and next to a woman of color who I had become close to. As I watched her cry and witnessed the deep pain that she was experiencing, I felt totally useless.and inadequate.. In that moment it really hit me: I knew so little about what her real life experience was..

As close as I thought we were, there was something huge between us. I didn’t know how to bridge it. and I had no choice but to sit with that discomfort… What I did know was that I had a lot of work to do, to try to figure out what my part in this was..

It felt like being in a snow globe that someone turned upside down and shook up. I realized that I had been living in a world that I couldn’t really see because it was filled with sparkels and glitter to keep me from seeing the truth.. Once I was able to see, even a glimpse, I felt vulnerable, disoriented and off balance.

I’m still trying to navigate a world that I never even knew existed. This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But, I learn more every day through conversations with people of color and other white people, by watching videos, reading these articles, collaorating and building relationships.. Basically, I’ve found that the only way through is to get more comfortable with being uncomfortable. and to keeping moving.

I am not perfect, I struggle, I make mistakes, I fall down… but when I get up I am a better person for it and I continue to build more authentic relationships along the way.. That’s what it’s about for me.

Here are some of resources that have supported my growith and undersanding. I found that they led me to a place of deeper introspection.. If you find yourself shutting down or getting defensive, let’s talk. I’m always happy to support a fellow traveller.


Ijeoma Oluo: 'I am drowning in whiteness'

Ijeoma Oluo.jpg

I have been following Ijeoma Oluo for a few years- I first learned about her from her book “So you want to talk about Race” and was so impressed with her words and integrity. . She speaks with such honesty and so graciously shares her own life experiences. This article, was uncomfortable to read, but I found it to be a gift- a painful one- but a gift.

Dismantling Racism: The continuing challenge to white American- Joseph Barndt

Dismantling Racism Book.png

I have the honor of knowing this author. He has been a core trainer with PISAB for many years. Joe is a Reverand and although I do not consider myself a religious person, his style of writing helped make some complicated concepts clear to me. This book helped me to understand for the first time how, I, as a white person, was also affected by racism. I realized what I have lost within the illusion of comfort and privilege.

BBC Interview: I can’t be racist

Social psychologist Dr Keon West explores bias, unconscious and not, and the current trend in unconscious bias training. I stumbled on this great piece a few months ago. He is doing important work in the UK and doesnt hold back.. I appreciated hearing this international perspective . I hope you enjoy this iterview too.

Putting Racism on the Table Julie Nelson on Implicit Bias

As someone who started this journey a little later in life, I am always looking to learn from others who have been doing this work longer. and whose shoulders I stand on. Julie Nelson has been doing this for a long time.. I really like her videos. and appreciate her knowledge and humility..

Medium Daily Digest

I found this resource when a friend forwarded me an article. When you sign up for the daily digest you can choose what type of r information you are interested in and will get relvevant articles delivered every day.. Here are two examples of the articles that I’ve received since I signed up::

I hope you take some time to read through or watch some of these resources. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

See you on the journey!


Summer School is in Session: Learning Together, so Together We Can Dismantle Racism

Summer School is in Session: Learning Together, so Together We Can Dismantle Racism

April showers bring May resources to guide you on your way

April showers bring May resources to guide you on your way