Clinical Supervision


Are you committed to understanding & exposing racism in your personal life and the systems you work in?
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Clinical supervision with an anti-racist and anti-oppressive lens

After attending my first anti racist training I came face to face with the inescapable reality that I was perpetuating a system of oppression and racism. I felt ashamed and my identity as a kind, caring, humanistic social worker and defender of humanity was blown to pieces. It was as if a curtain was lifted and I was just seeing the world for the first time. So began my journey of personal awareness and accountability

 I’ve discovered, on my journey that, although my whiteness makes me part of the problem, I can become part of the solution when I take responsibility by:

  • Deeply examining my racial identity and culture

  • Challenging my biases

  • Educating myself and learning from history

  • Networking and building alliances across race and culture

  • Challenging and expanding my perspectives

  • I am deeply committed to continuing this journey and supporting others on theirs.

Let’s work together. 

I will challenge you to examine and deconstruct your internalized racial superiority, and to develop a deeper awareness of how power and privilege affect the way you navigate and experience the world.

Through this work, you will become better able to cultivate more authentic relationships across race and culture.

It’s important for white people to have a healing space to explore white culture, deal with internalized racial superiority and privilege, examine both the intent and consequences of their actions and create accountable partnerships to help support their development as antiracists.

Individual  Supervision

  • Option of in person or virtual sessions

  • Once a month for an hour and a half- $175 per month

  • Two session a month for an hour each- $225 per month

  • Free access to Group Community

Group Supervision:

  • Virtual sessions

  • 3 to 4 people maximum per group: $100 per person per month

  • Meets for 2 hours once a month

  • Free access to Group Community


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