Explore The Impact of Structural Racism In Your Workplace and Life

Robin Schlenger, LCSW has many years of clinical and supervisory experience working in the nonprofit and public sectors. She is a therapist, clinical supervisor, and a White Anti-Racist Trainer and Organizer

Robin is an active member of European Dissent (ED) which is an Affinity Group of The People's Institute of Survival and Beyond. ED is a group of people of European Decent who "dissent" from the ideology of white supremacy and organize together with other whites and people of color to undo racism.

Robin specializes in facilitating presentations and trainings that

  • are rooted in restorative and anti-racist principles,

  • include, difficult dialogues

  • supports supervision across differences

  • builds conflict resilience skills

  • creates respectful and appreciative workplaces.

She speaks extensively on white privilege from an individual and organizational perspective and what it means to partner with people of color in antiracist work.

If you want to discuss how Robin can help your organization, let’s talk.


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Previous Workshops

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Robin Schlenger, MSW, LCSW and Dr. Alana Tappin Facilitating the Shame Resilience for White People Workshop

Robin Schlenger, MSW, LCSW and Dr. Alana Tappin Facilitating the Shame Resilience for White People Workshop

What people are saying about Shame Resilience for White People:

That was up there with the most valuable workshop I’ve ever attended. The Info, the structure, the vibe you both created. You are both phenomenal!
- Kristen, workshop attendee


Fabulous presenters- Alana was so dynamic and informative and Robin modeled the concept of "not centering" so beautifully. I loved the workshop format- perfect combo of presentation of new info and opportunities to share and connect with other participants.! Such an impactful experience!!!

- Ashely, Workshop Attendee


I really appreciated the information and the space to explore how my unexamined privilege and shame drive my behavior in ways that harm people of color.

-Victoria, Workshop Attendee

What's in your Backpack_.png

What people are saying about What’s in Your Backpack:

Gentle, effective facilitation; good flow and I appreciated the small group breakouts .
-Shayna, Workshop attendee


I loved the questions we were asked to answer in small groups as well as opportunity for self reflection. The questions provoked me.
- Jonathan, workshop attendee